Hydroponic Fodder

Hydroponic fodder is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way to grow feed.

Avocet fodder units intensively grow hydroponic sprouted barley from seed to feed in eight days.

This innovative system will work anywhere that has power and water and will produce tons of sprouting fodder every day, all year round. 

For cattle, fresh sprouting fodder improves their digestion and nutrient absorption while using less energy in the process. This enables the animal to use their energy more efficiently for activities such as reproduction, weight gain and efficient waste management

One acre of hydroponic units produces the equivalent amount of feed as over 500 acres of arable land and uses up to 90% less water.

This allows farmers to:
- Use less intensive cropping cycles
- Increase animal numbers
- Use less water & pesticides
- Reduce their carbon footprint
- Secure a fresh and consistent crop
- Be less reliant on land availability